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It all starts with you. Healthcare has gotten away from serving the individual needs of people.
At DCO Orthodontic Specialists, we’re changing that, one experience at a time.

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Daniel Cassarella, DMD, MS

At the heart of DCO Orthodontic Specialists is Dr. Daniel Cassarella. His education and training at Harvard and UCLA along with more than a decade of experience practicing specialized orthodontics offers patients confidence in gaining a great smile. He is a board-certified orthodontic specialist and has achieved national recognition as a leader in the field of orthodontics.
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Welcome to DCO Orthodontic Specialists

Orthodontic treatment is more than just stellar results, it is a process that’s designed to uplift and inspire.

At DCO, listening is at the heart of everything we do. To us, every patient presents a unique problem to solve, but also a new person to get to know. We don’t just take notes on a chart and feign familiarity; we rely on genuine relationships with our patients to remind us of who they are.

We Begin By Listening

Listening to the patient isn’t to keep count and cross off boxes within a consultation; listening to a patient is a means by which we gain perspective, inspiration, and ideas on how we can better provide for the person’s future. Lucky for us, gaining that perspective involves the particularly pleasant process of learning as much as we can about our patient’s goals, lifestyle, and concerns. We fit the plan to the patient, instead of fitting the patient to the plan. We begin by listening.



It All Starts With You

In the end, we have a patient who is completely satisfied with not just the result, but also the path we took together to get there. We started prepared, we stuck to our plan, and we finished strong — all because we took the time to make sure we fully understood the person behind the teeth. It’s what we’d want for our own families, and it’s what we do for everyone who walks through our door: It all starts with you.

Our state-of-the-art technology offers patients of all ages comfortable, aesthetic, and highly individualized treatment options. Learn more about:

Let’s talk about creating a meaningful treatment experience for you. Contact our Worcester orthodontic office to schedule an appointment today!

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The Value of DCO Orthodontic Specialists

Simple Financing

We have made paying for braces easy and straightforward so you can have a custom plan that fits your life.
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Feel Great, Look Great

We make it simple to use clear braces and Invisalign. We have advanced technology to allow your treatment to fit your lifestyle.
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Patient-Centered Experience

We are focused on building relationships. At DCO, your needs will be considered every step of the way. It all starts with you.
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