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Before and After

All treatment below performed by Dr. Cassarella and the DCO team



18 months in braces and officially ready to start 8th grade with a perfect DCO smile

Underbite and Spacing

This wonderful teenage patient had a remarkable transformation that resulted in vastly improved aesthetics, dental health, and function. She came to DCO initially with an underbite and spacing between her teeth. Dr. Cassarella implemented a customized treatment with braces and an orthopedic growth modification appliance that redirected her facial growth and likely saved her the need of surgery in the future. The DCO team was so pleased to deliver an amazing result for this amazing patient!

Underbite and Crowding (early treatment)

More DCO early treatment magic: growth modification, underbite correction, expansion, and alignment of the upper front teeth. A wonderful functional and aesthetic change in 9 short months for a wonderful patient.

Adult Crowding (Invisalign)

Eleven months of treatment, no braces, and one awesome experience. We are so grateful to be part of the magic of our patients’ lives.

Crowding (early treatment)

Our buddy Joseph came to DCO at age 10 with crowding of his upper teeth and insufficient room for his permanent teeth to erupt properly. In eight months, with an expander and limited braces, Joseph had an incredible transformation!

Crowding and Crossbite (early treatment)

Check out this awesome Phase 1 result. Dr. C and The DCO #smilesquad treated this awesome 9-year-old patient with an expander and limited braces for nine months. We begin screening for early orthodontic treatment at age 7, as recommended by (American Association of Orthodontists). Not every child in this age group needs orthodontic treatment, but those who do can benefit greatly!

Adult Crowding (Invisalign)

Dr. Cassarella created a customized treatment plan to fit the goals and lifestyle of this wonderful patient. This exceptional result was achieved in less than one year using clear aligners. This patient is now officially “ready for Hollywood” and the DCO Squad could not be more excited for him!

Spacing and Blocked-Out Canines

18 months of treatment to DCO smile perfection for this teenager!