Complimentary Consultation



“Treatment has positively impacted my life in so many ways. I love showing off my beautiful teeth. I get compliments all the time about my smile and teeth. I have been extremely happy with my treatment thus far. I’ve been having a great treatment experience with Dr. Cassarella. I could not be any happier or more satisfied.”
— Dyshawn



“Dr. Cassarella is very down to earth and made the experience easy. He explained everything to me thoroughly. Thank you, Dr. Cassarella, for your professionalism coupled with good conversation.”
— Jamie



“We had a great experience with Dr. Cassarella. He always took the time to explain things to us and to be sure Maddie was comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone! I have already recommended him to many of my friends. The results of Maddie’s braces were better than I ever expected. She has always had a beautiful smile, but now it is amazing. Her confidence has definitely improved since she has completed her treatment.”
— Maddie’s mom



“From a patient’s perspective, treatment was almost effortless and the results exceeded my expectations. Dr. Cassarella is extremely personable, and from the start, I knew he knew me as a person further than just seeing my patient chart. I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality orthodontic work with an orthodontist who legitimately cares about each patient as an individual. Since the completion of my treatment, I am much more confident in myself, both professionally and in my daily life.”
— Ryan



“I had a truly wonderful experience at DCO Orthodontic Specialists. My entire experience with DCO, starting from the pre-treatment consultation, carrying through to each visit, and any follow-up questions and concerns, was completely effortless on my part, and handled flawlessly by the office. At the end of my consultation visit, Dr. Cassarella put a treatment plan together, and we went over everything in detail, including the time requirements and costs; everything was totally transparent and presented clearly.”
— Christopher D.



“My daughter just completed her Phase 1 treatment at DCO and her teeth look amazing! She had a very wide gap between her two front teeth and now, after her customized treatment, you can’t even tell a gap ever existed. Dr. Cassarella was kind, knowledgeable, personable, and always greeted us with a smile at each appointment. The staff was very attentive and accommodating as well. The office is clean and welcoming. My daughter loved going to her appointments. She was able to check in herself, by clicking her name on a screen, and then play on the community tablets they have available for waiting patients/guests. If you have any concerns about your or your child’s teeth, this is the place to go. They listen to your concerns, write a plan, figure out the details with your insurance company, and follow through with doing a great job. On top of that, the wait time is close to none, which is a rarity these days in doctor offices. We were always in and out in a zip! We couldn’t be happier with our service.”
— Vicki C.



“Very pleasant experience with Dr. Cassarella and other staff members. Dr. Cassarella is extremely caring and goes above and beyond to assure the best care is received. Additionally, Danielle was an excellent source of information throughout my procedure and exceptionally kind:  She explained how their new technology functioned in relation to my procedure and made sure I understood. I appreciate the energy within their office, along with such positivity. The facility is spacious, clean, and very well-kept. I highly recommend this team!”
— Allie D.



“I must have shopped around at least three or four orthodontists before settling on DCO and I’m glad I did. Dr. Cassarella’s practice provides a very unique and personal experience. A big factor that went into my decision to choose DCO was that I never felt upsold on services that I didn’t want or need. Dr. Cassarella gave me the option of choosing between clear braces or Invisalign at the same price and he made it very clear that the decision to choose one or the other was entirely my own, so I never felt pressured towards one alignment option. The office decor is very clean, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing, and being that the practice is pretty new, the equipment they use is state-of-the-art. Overall, Dr. Cassarella and his staff are very welcoming and they’ll give you a very personal and tailored experience.”
— SooWan B.



“Dr. Cassarella is always so nice to me and everyone. He also explains everything he is going to do, and tells me that it won’t hurt. He also encourages me to keep up the great work.”
— Chloe A.



“We visit Dr. Cassarella for my granddaughter, Chloe. It is always a pleasant experience for both of us. We are always made to feel welcome. They explain everything they are going to do and encourage her to continue the good work she is doing.”
— Chloe’s Grandmother



“A+++ Experience! I saw Dr. Cassarella because I had braces as a teenager but slowly my teeth had shifted. Dr. Cassarella created a set of trays for me that over just a couple of months brought my teeth exactly where they were the day the braces came off. I happen to be a perfectionist by profession (facial plastic surgeon) so he knew that I would look at everything with a magnifying glass … and I couldn’t be happier! It feels good to smile with the same confidence again. He is extraordinarily professional, kind, and caring. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in the area, and if my kids need treatment, there is nowhere else I would go. Keep up the great work, Dr. C!”
— Jeff W.



“Dr. Cassarella is truly the best of the best! He is not only an excellent clinician, but he is a genuinely caring person who will make sure to deliver the best experience and outcome for you. As a fellow orthodontist, I can attest that his clinical skills are superior — he graduated top of his class from the top universities and now holds a very prestigious teaching position. Dr. Cassarella is one of the most ethical, honest, and caring people you will ever meet in your life.”
— Krisena B.



“Absolutely wonderful place to go! The staff makes you feel very comfortable and excited about getting braces! The practice has been above and beyond exceptional — no complaints! I would definitely refer them to anyone who’s looking or even those who are thinking about getting them. A no-pressure practice — just very kind, polite, and knowledgeable.”
— Nicole T.



“DCO Orthodontic Specialists is terrific! The doctor and staff are caring, kind, and competent. It was so obvious that they were there to listen to me and my concerns, which I feel can be rare in a healthcare environment today. The office is totally state-of-the-art – I’ve never been in such a beautiful doctor’s office before. The decor was cool and I could tell the technology was top notch. I’m really looking forward to continuing my treatment with Dr. Cassarella and his team! I recommend DCO to any family or person looking for a completely unique and patient-focused orthodontic experience.”
— Sarah L.



“Dr. Cassarella is an amazing orthodontist and person! He genuinely cares about every patient and goes above and beyond to make sure that not only is the final result exceptional but so is the journey. Dr. Cassarella went to Harvard and is a board-certified orthodontist…. This guy knows what he’s doing! If you are looking for an orthodontic office for your family, that will treat you like family, go to Dr. Cassarella!”
— Deepak G.



“Dr. Cassarella and his team are absolutely fabulous! Exceptional professionalism from start to finish, using state-of-the-art instruments and incorporating modern-day technologies! (Such a rare find!) This experience has totally transformed my view on dentistry and I would highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Cassarella and his team at DCO.”
— Irene D.



“DCO Orthodontic Specialists is the most professional business I’ve experienced service from in Pennsylvania. From the moment I first entered the handsome, state-of-the-art facility, Dr. Cassarella and his team never missed a note. Dr. Cassarella’s extensive experience and his staff’s efficient care made my orthodontic trajectory an absolute delight! I’m thrilled with my results, and I credit Dr. Cassarella’s exceptional practice with and care for each and every patient. I will recommend him to all, no matter the distance. We’re fortunate to have DCO in the Philadelphia area!”
— George C.



“Most friendly group of people I have ever met. Everyone has a big smile on their faces and greets me by name. They always ask how I’m doing, what’s new, and how my family is. And they genuinely want to know. Yet they are extremely professional with their service and explain everything before they do it, and what to expect afterward. Highly recommend DCO to anyone needing orthodontic care.”
— Shirley W.



“This place has the ‘special sauce.’ An involved owner, a staff that cares, and a warm environment. The smoothness of operation is incredible. Bonus! They were honest about my son’s needs. They are not just seeking a sale. This place is top-notch in every single area.”
— Nora D.



“What a great place. Over the past two years both myself and two daughters have been patients at DCO and have loved our experience. The doctor and team are warm and friendly. Everything is carefully laid out for a smooth and relaxing experience. The care plan is well defined and clearly explained before any work is done. Most importantly for me, your time is valued and not wasted. There are no wasted moments when you are in the office. I would highly recommend DCO if you are considering braces for yourself or your children. Thank you again, DCO, for a great experience.”
— Joseph B.


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